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Dear tLm Family - March 19, 2024

Hello tLm Family,


I hope this message finds you with a little extra spring in your step and that this ‘month of luck’ brought you more of what you’ve been wishing for. 


March brings with her a change in the air, a charge of excitement and anticipation for the wonderful possibilities this ‘lucky’ St. Patrick’s month can bring. Let’s continue to embrace the theme of good fortune in our lives, our work, our relationships, and in our workouts, too.


When we consistently cultivate the power of positivity, we elevate our practice and achieve new heights TOGETHER. Whether you're a seasoned tLmORIGINAL connoisseur, an experienced barre/Pilates enthusiast, or just beginning your journey with barre, there's magic waiting for you at tLm.

I hope you’re enjoying our tLm Tuesday News and will continue to join us here. Twice a month, we’ll show up in your inbox with a new theme, news and updates, class offerings, events, and more. At tLm, there are opportunities to develop friendships, expand your practice, and ‘get lucky.’ Seriously. We think you’re going to love it. 


I hope the rest of your month is filled with joy, progress, and magical moments. The kind that makes life truly extraordinary.


Here’s to March. Our luckiest month yet!


With love,

Kelly xo


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