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Class Descriptions

the ORIGINAL (1 Hour)

A combination of physical therapy and ballet, theORIGINAL uses exercises designed by Lotte Berk & her daughter, Esther Fairfax in their original, unaltered form. Designed to pull-in your waist, targeting deep core muscles while strengthening & lengthening. Great for injury prevention!

the MOVEMENT (45 Minutes)

The MOVEMENT is a 45 minute class where we move guided by the principles of Lotte Berk, Joseph Pilates, dance, & functional movement. This strength training class that will use weights of all shapes & sizes to increase muscle mass, improve mobility as well as flexibility. Take atleast 2x's a week along with your regular ORIGINAL & ORIGINAL + classes for maximum results. We promise a fun & invigorating time as your body is challenged in new & exciting ways. 

the QUICKIE (45 Minutes)

This class has all the elements of theORIGINAL class, in even less time! Don't have time for a full hour workout, but still want results? theQUICKIE is for you. Kick up your cardio and save time.

the ROLLER (1 Hour)

The ROLLER class is a core conditioning class using the FOAM Roller, lengthening & strengthening each muscle group from head to toe. You will leave feeling like a longer & stronger version of your former self! Great accompaniment to the ORIGINAL class we all know and LOVE:)

the BALLET (45 Minutes)

Build balance, strength, flexibility, body intelligence & coordination in a relaxed, encouraging environment. Set to upbeat "YASSSS!" music, this is not your average ballet class.  Learn classical technique and ballet skills at the barre in a fun, exciting way.

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