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Teacher Training

Love Barre and Want to Teach It?

Get Certified in the Original Class!


You can now become a certified instructor in the ORIGINAL barre class certification teaches you the unique methods of this popular fitness class. It's perfect for those who love barre and want to share that passion with others.


Upcoming FREE “Taster Teacher Training”

Kelly will personally walk you through an exercise from start to finish in each section of the ORIGINAL class. Have you ever wondered what make theLONDONmethod the home of the ORIGINAL work of Lotte Berk? Did you know that until we all discovered Esther Fairfax in the countryside of England much of Lotte’s work had been taught to us through the eyes of the Americanized version? Each industry whether it be Pilates, Yoga, or Personal Training has a place where you can go to find where the techniques or schools of thought originated. Until recently Barre did not have such a place. Over the past 8 years we have been studying the ORIGINAL work & doing our best to bring together the English versions of the work together with the Americanized versions so that we could all together learn not only the subtle differences but also to share with anyone who cares & is interested what the ORIGINAL work actually is. If this is of any interest to you, we do hope you accept our invitation to Come Join Us for a weekend full of knowledge, togetherness, and unity in how this work began & how we can continue to share it with generations to come. 


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 Do You Need Barre Experience to Get Certified?

While it's not required, having some experience in barre or similar fitness disciplines is helpful. This experience will make the training more beneficial for you.


Certification Cost:

Regular Price: $1600 USD

Early Bird Price: $1400 USD (Save $200 if you sign up now!)

Payment Plan: Three monthly payments of $550


Early Bird Discount:

Sign up now for the early bird price of $1400 USD. This offer applies to all 2024 teacher trainings.


Early Bird Dates

FEB 2/9


APRIL 4/15


Course Details:

This unique online course includes live sessions with one of our Master Trainers, plus access to many hours of lectures and technique instructions. You'll also be responsible observation and practice hours on your own time.


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