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Personal Results

Kelly Wackerman

Through her various certifications, including her pre- and post-natal certification (from The Center for WOMEN’s Fitness) as well as her own personal transformation, Kelly’s knowledge of the body's ability to adapt, heal, and change has uniquely positioned her to help women from all various stages of life. If you've been looking for a guided, compassionate supportive path to help you navigate your own journey of getting stronger and leaner and finding your 'personal best', this very special technique, as taught by Kelly and other remarkable tLm instructors, might just be what you've been looking for. 


Kelly has a true passion for helping others, and what she brings to this work and to Barre in general is a gift. Kelly and tLm make exercise fun while, at the same time, really making it work for YOU! It’s all about the specifics and the precision of theORIGINAL work, and if you’re ready, so is she! 

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