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We offer so much more than just hot bods and slimmer waistlines! Whether in an in studio semi private style session, LIVE, online class or even on demand, you’ll find a true sense of community. This is a place where friendships are forged, compliments are encouraged, and spirits are lifted along with rear ends. Check out a live class, see for yourself and then come join the fun!

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Learn the Moves to Get the Shape You’ve Always Wanted! At tLm, our method is different. We work the body as a whole. So, while one side of your body is stretching, stabilizing, and holding a position, the other side is busy doing tiny movements to lift, lengthen and tone. This unique method allows you to quickly achieve that “lean” ballerina look we all looooove.

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“Esther’s exercises have made me leaner, stronger, fitter and happier. I look forward to my twice-weekly classes, which are always a challenge, never boring and full of fun and laugher. I now feel proud of my body. I feel indescribably lucky to have found Esther Fairfax and the Lotte Berk Technique!”

Sarah Scrope

“Highlight of the week! Helped with my back problems and stiff joints. Fun group. Wonderful atmosphere. Light warm room. Cannot imagine life without Esther and her class. Having moved recently from London I have found the perfect class for me. It is just the best – you have a very good workout without sweating too much!”

A Happy Client

“I now have a strong and coordinated body at the age of 78 – the classes I take from Esther Fairfax, Lotte Berk’s daughter, have allowed me to keep healthy physically and mentally. The exercises are a brilliant invention of the genius that was Lotte Berk – Lotte and now Esther understands how a body should work.”

Moira Marriott

“It was a happy day when a good friend introduced me to Esther Fairfax and the Lotte Berk Technique… with Esther’s encouragement and dedication, I find my coordination and core strength to be much improved and even better; my body is toned! I really enjoy Esther’s classes… I look forward to class as well as meeting up with the many friends who are dedicated followers.”

Alexa Magor

“Lotte Berk exercises are marvelous for all ages. Having been going for over 45 years my body still feels extremely flexible compared with friends of the same age (middle 70’s). Join the classes; enjoy oneself, laugh, make friends and most importantly work hard and you too will see and feel the results!’

Jenny Liddiard

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{authentic. powerful. feminine.}

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“make it personal… let the energy circulate through your muscles, your heart, and your soul... don’t just do it, feel it!”
- Esther Fairfax

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