{The truth about the Lotte Berk technique!}
After much research and getting to know the stories of many who were involved when Lotte Berk first began the puzzle is now complete and today we wanted to share it with you all. Last week our co-founder Kelly was in England with Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk. Esther is still teaching the lifechanging technique her mother founded today and wants the work of her mother to be shared with all that are interested in learning it. Esther has given the technique a format we can follow and wants the legacy of Lotte Berk to live on. This is not your average fitness program, but rather an artistic endeavor which contains the most effective shape building moves we have ever seen. Lotte was a not only a genius, but a living legend during her time for the waist slimming, core strengthening, & body lengthening technique she created. We are so thankful to Esther for keeping them safe & sharing them with us all today!