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Kim caught the fitness bug as the on-campus aerobics instructor at Western Kentucky University. She has since retired her mix tapes but can’t seem to shake her desire to empower clients to feel confident and strong in their bodies. Over the last 30-something years, Kim has earned ACE personal training certificates, AFAA and ACE group fitness, Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E. and YogaFit instructor certificates, as well as pursuing a Fitness Certificate from CSULB. Aside from the tLm studio, Kim has taught her “Fit Mamas” classes for the past 14 years and in 2008, she added an all-male class to the mix.

Having sweat through an array of fitness genres, she can attest that the London Method resulted in the most significant improvements in her shape, flexibility, and strength. At 50, she is more confident and comfortable in her body than ever before. She is passionate about teaching skills that ensure a lifetime of movement, while building a fun support-driven community for her clients. Kim is also certified as an ACE Senior Fitness Instructor.

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