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Happy Summer!

Dear tLm Family,

Happy Summer! It’s official. We are in a new season and as you know, I am in a new season too, in more ways than one. Maybe you are also in a time of change, or know someone who is. If so, this is for you. 

Something you’ve heard me say this a lot, is, “Better Together” and navigating through this transformative time with YOU, has made all the difference. Over the past nearly 10-years, the tLm studio has been more than just a place to do theORIGINAL and other barre classes; it’s been a sanctuary, a community, and a source of joy and solace and connection for many of us. I’m going to miss that most of all. 

Since making the difficult decision to close the studio, not surprisingly, I’ve been managing some very real tenderness. But I’m happy to share with you that those feelings were followed by a shift. I’ve also been experiencing genuine excitement and joy for what’s coming next. I’m a little nervous to be honest, but I've become very aware of our remarkable ability to hold two seemingly opposing feelings at the same time, and that’s never been more true than right now. Even though I’m staying 'goodbye' (to the studio) I am comforted by a profound sense of peace. Something I'm craving more and more these days.

Letting go is never easy, especially when it involves something so dear to the heart, but I'm looking forward to what's on the horizon, for me, for tLm and for you! I am embracing a newfound sense of freedom. A kind of liberation. This transition is an expansion for me and reminds me of the importance of flexibility and resilience—qualities that many of you have embodied throughout our time together. 

We have shared moments of sweat, determination, and laughter and you have contributed to the vibrant qualities that define the tLm community, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

As we prepare for this next chapter together, I am filled with optimism for what's ahead. While the physical space of tLm is changing, the spirit and essence of our community remains. As I explore new opportunities and continue to grow, I will be taking with me the countless lessons and memories we created. My commitment to your well-being and our shared journey remains at the heart of this work.

We developed something truly special, and I am thrilled to see where our paths will lead us next. Thank you again for your support and love over the years.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Love, Kelly

Here is a list of some things I've been doing to help me through this change. If you too are in a season of 'letting go', I hope you find this helpful. 

Embrace the Emotions: 

Allow yourself to feel all the emotions, without judgment. So often we label our feelings as ‘good or bad’ but there’s no such thing. It’s just information. It passes through us. When letting go of something important, acknowledging the actual sensation you’re feeling and not pushing it down or away, is an essential part growing, healing, expanding and moving forward. 

Focus on Growth: 

Use your time of transition as an opportunity for self-agency and reflection. Consider what you've learned from the experience, acknowledge what you’ve been through and recognize how far you’ve come. Your growth today can shape your future decisions and endeavors. Be willing to look at what's worked, what got you here, and how much you’ve grown. 

Seek Support: 

Allow yourself to stay open (when you might want to close) and let your support network - your friends, family and community, provide encouragement and perspective during this time. Sharing how you feel and being honest about what you're experiencing can help lighten the weight of emotions and offer some much-welcomed insights. 

Explore New Opportunities: 

While letting go may feel like an ending, it also opens doors to new beginnings. Keep your heart and your mind open and I assure you, new possibilities and opportunities will arise as a result.

Practice Self-Compassion: 

This is a BIG one! Be kind to yourself throughout the process. Change can be really hard, brutal in fact. It's important to treat yourself with compassion and understanding, as you would offer to a friend in a similar situation.

I hope you find this helpful as you move your way through your own beautiful journey of change, of letting go, of growth and of expansion. My hope is that we all achieve a renewed sense of peace, freedom and liberation. I believe what we seek is seeking us. Let’s stay open so it can find us. 


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