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Dear tLm Family - March 5, 2024

Updated: Mar 14

Here we are… it’s MARCH! Amazing, isn’t it? It feels like the new year was just yesterday. As we dive into the month ahead, I invite you to join me and reflect on the essence of LUCK! The ways that ‘luck’ (and being ‘lucky) shows up in our lives might feel like a mystery, but it happens all the time. It intertwines in everything we do, how we move through the world, and if we’re looking, if even shows up for us in our wellness journey and practice. It touches all parts of our lives, but I’ve learned something really important, and it’s this.

Luck isn't about chance. It doesn’t just come along for a ‘lucky’ few. It’s not discriminating, but it is discerning. It responds to the weight and tone of our energy. That’s why It begins with the attitude we bring to everything. That means every pulse, tilt, extension, move, stretch, and breath. From the macro to the micro, it's about seizing our moments of opportunity with clarity, gratitude, determination, and grace.

What if we embrace the power of luck? Luck has been described as the intersection of preparation and opportunity. What if embracing luck is about staying open and being ready for whatever opportunities come our way? Let’s prepare ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically to seize every chance to shine!

This month, we explore the beauty of being lucky together. That’s right… together! Being lucky is not just for some but for all, and it’s not just in finding the rare four-leaf clover or catching a glimpse of a shooting star but in the everyday moments of magic. We create our own fortune and luck by knowing what we genuinely want and accepting that we are worthy of it.

If we fully embrace a mindset of ‘luck’ we can transform our lives in ways we never imagined possible, both on and off the barre.

I’m rooting for you sincerely.

Kelly xo


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