{Soul Chiropractor Coming to the TLM Community Space}

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Blog, Upcoming Events

Soul Chiropractor Coming to the TLM Community Space

by Nora Dines

 If you’ve spent any time at all with Kelly and Pam, you know they can’t keep a good thing to themselves.  When asked why they’re hosting a Human Design workshop with Dylan Varenhorst at the Community Space this July, Kelly responded, “We really want to share the knowledge Dylan has with others .”  Dylan is a practitioner of a system of body consciousness known as Human Design. Think of him as a soul chiropractor. 

“Many of us are not living as the person we are designed to be,” says Dylan, aka, The    Spirit Advisor. “We are out of alignment with our selves. Human Design is a means to help people make decisions that feel good to them, and are more in line with who they are rather than who they are conditioned to be.”

Kelly and Pam learned of Dylan’s work as they began their business relationship. “When we were partnering up, Pam and I thought we were very similar,” says Kelly, “but in our first consultation with Dylan, we found that we are actually quite complimentary to one another.  Knowing our natural roles as individuals has helped us understand how to best support each other and our business. We balance each other out.”

But what is this “Human Design” system?  Think of it as anatomy of the soul. Human bodies contain networks of systems designed to function in specific ways.  When the body functions according to its design, we move easily through the world, and contemplate worlds beyond our senses with our minds.  We know that we have conscious and unconscious functions embedded in our bodies, and we sense that we are more than the sum of our parts. We have a soul.  Just as every human body has the same basic design, no two bodies are alike. The same is true of our consciousness. Mapping the contours of our body’s consciousness (or soul) for the purpose of personal awareness is the essence of “Human Design.”  

“There is so much more, even on a physiological level that you can experience when you can love yourself as who you are and embrace it, and say ‘no thank you’ to what you are not,” says Dylan.  

Perhaps the big question about Human Design is: “so what?”  

“People want to know more about the people in their life; who they really are and why,” says Dylan.  “This is a means to access that awareness. It’s a way to release blame, shame, and a sense of responsibility over not being something that you’re not, or not being something that you think you should be.”

As expected, Dylan was drawn to learn and practice such a system simply because it’s in his design to do so.  More interesting is why he shares it.  

“What motivates me the most to share this,” he says, “is because I grew up watching the people I love experience a lot of rejection of self; not knowing where to meet their needs, and just doing what they thought they had to do with no other options.  There’s more out there for you when you really commit to yourself, not just to have enough, but to live a really beautiful life.”  

Want to know about your soul’s unique design?  Join Dylan, Pam and Kelly in the TLM Community Space July 6th.  Sign ups are happening now at www.thelondonmethod.net


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