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by | May 27, 2020 | Blog, Upcoming Events

The Night Angel

I was just getting in to bed and about to turn the light off when I heard my name in a soft whisper. I live alone with my cat who can only speak cat, though I’m quite old, I am not yet prone to hearing voices.

“Esther” she whispered. It was then that I saw this delicate winged angel propped up on my pillow. 

“Can you tell me what the meaning of life is”? She asked.

It was a question I’d frequently asked myself. I replied, that is a crazy question. And though I have heard discussion on the subject no one seems to have come up with any conclusions. Giving it a little thought, I answered, I suppose making each day meaningful.

“That is too simple and obvious, try again”.

To make sense of ones life.

“Still too obvious” she sighed giving up on me.

“Try to dig deeper, open those empty places, hidden in the deepest part of your brain”.

Well I can’t think anymore. Perhaps there is no meaning. My brain is tired and I need my sleep.

She fluttered her delicate wings and smiled.

“Not bad” she replied. “On the other hand, not quite good enough. Sleep well Esther, sleep has many answers. But, I will be back”

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