{Let’s keep this workout going, Virtually!}

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Wondering what makes theLONDONmethod online just as FAB as in person classes? There are so many benefits to working out virtually!

The Benefits of TLM TV, Online Workout Classes
  • Work out on your own schedule. Since the workout sessions aren’t done in person, you can choose to workout anytime you like!
  • Affordability
  • Communication (ask about access our TLM online community group)
  • Access to the experts and the unique, ORIGINAL Lotte Berk method
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • Seeing Results, that’s theLONDONmethod online (and in person)!

Unlike in person classes, you can ALWAYS access the ORIGINAL work through our tLmTV online subscription program where you receive new VIDEOS each month! Go to www.theLONDONmethod.tv to start experiencing the waist whittling results our Original Lotte Berk method has been known for right in your own home. Join us, virtually!

authentic. powerful. feminine. {book a class today!}

{on demand}


{authentic. powerful. feminine.}

New to barre or to our unique ORIGINAL method? Snag UNLIMITED in studio + live online sessions, for only $45, it's our BEST DEAL on all things TLM HQ!

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“make it personal… let the energy circulate through your muscles, your heart, and your soul... don’t just do it, feel it!”
- Esther Fairfax

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