{I GET to do vs I have to do… How to find your success with fitness!}

by | May 13, 2021 | Blog, Upcoming Events

Let’s talk success! Check out a recent media feature of our own TLM co-founder

Consider this: When you can say “I get to Do” something vs “I have to do” this, then you are really lucky!

This is the mindset that our very own, Kelly Wackerman, has and wishes to share with everyone. Kelly believes that the ability to make choices of what you are going to do each day is a measurement of her success. For her this was key! ‘

Stuck in your fitness, wellness, work or professional goals? Listen in as she discusses paying attention to both the means and the end and enjoying the process of getting there.

Kelly shares the joy of having the freedom to go wherever with her kids and the ability to provide the things that she would have loved when growing up. Finally, she shares about her journey with the studio and ORIGINAL method that theLONDONmethod is known for!

🔊Check out this POWERFUL podcast + LISTEN IN🔊: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-020-i-get-to-do-with-kelly-wackerman/id1548345529?i=1000521339074

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