{Finish the summer with a little self love & self care}

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Blog, Upcoming Events

Summer is almost done, but before it goes away completely we wanted to take the month of August to focus on a little extra Self Love & Self Care for all our beloved clients! Luckily, we have just the person to help us with that and her name is Dr. Julia Sanez who was born in Germany, but due to her unquenchable love for the sun she now resides right here in Long Beach, CA. She spends her time as the Program Director for an Eating Disorder facility in
Belmont Shore and has offered to swing by the TLMgirls Community shoppe on Friday August 23rd JUST to share her knowledge with us. YOU see, loving yourself at every size & every stage of your journey is what we like to practice at theLONDONmethod & we can’t wait to cover topics like Intuitive Eating, how NOT to feel guilty, and we will even have World Renowned Wholefood Chef and “Love Your Gut” Author Lee Holmes in the space that night to share with us her tips & tricks for eating foods that not only taste delicious, but are JUST what our body needs.

We PROMISE you this is a NIGHT not to miss, so RSVP here RIGHT away!

Dr. Julia Sanez had these words to say about the night she has planned for us tLmGIRLS: 

Kale smoothies, Class Pass, Paleo, macronutrients, Peloton, and Halo Top ice cream – we’ve learned to interpret strict diets and stringent workout routines as indicators of a healthy lifestyle. Many of us follow along, thinking we are doing ourselves a favor. But what if that’s not the case? What if, in fact, we’re actually doing ourselves more harm than good? What if health is not determined by a certain body type or eating carbs only on our “cheat days,” but rather comes at every size, allows for a wholesome, all-inclusive diet, and is manifested by well-being of the mind, body, and, soul? I believe that to be the truth. As much as it’s important to not succumb to the conveniences of modern life, and instead be mindful of our intake and incorporate exercise into our busy schedules, pushing ourselves to the extreme can have long-lasting negative effects. Intuitive eating, health at every size, and joyful movement are some of the concepts that can help us find a more balanced, truly healthy lifestyle, in which we honor our bodies’ needs without rules and limitations. Curious to learn more? Please join me on August 23 rd at 5:30 pm at TLM, where I to hope to guide you on how you live your best, healthy life yet!

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