{Let’s celebrate the TLM ORIGINAL 5!}

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Wondering what makes theLONDONmethod different than all other Barre classes? Well, we can tell you there is ONE element that inspired us to create this space to house the ORIGINAL work of Lotte Berk & that is Lotte’s Daughter, Esther Fairfax.  In 2015, we found out that Esther had been teaching the work, just as her Mother taught her, in the countryside of England for the past 50 years. The exercises that Esther taught had been untouched and kept true to how her mother had designed them unlike much of the exercises we see here in the United States.  The Lotte Berk name had been purchased in the late 70’s- early 80’s and a studio opened under the name the “LOTTE BERK METHOD” opened shortly after. Lotte Berk never actually went to this studio (besides for the opening party) and it was never actually confirmed that what was taught there was the same method that Lotte had been teaching in England.  It wasn’t until 2015, when Kelly Wackerman & Pamela Kennedy uncovered this society of women who had been training in the ORIGINAL work of Lotte through Esther for the past 50 + years. We heard countless stories of bodies being healed, back pain reducing, plus surgeries that were supposed to happen until Esther was able to work with them and their bodies healed on their own. 

The only way to accurately access the full ORIGINAL class in it’s TRUE format is to visit theLONDONmethod in Long Beach, CA, attend classes at the Esther Fairfax studio (see our past blog on our spring RETREAT) in Hungerford, England or visit Sophie in London at theLOTTEBERKTECHNIQUE.

You can also access the ORIGINAL work through our tLmTV online subscription program where you receive new VIDEOS each month! Go to www.theLONDONmethod.tv to start experiencing the waist whittling results Lotte has been known for right in your own home.

And now… the MOVES

1 Burnt Thighs/ Knee Dancing

2 Hello Sailor/ Pretzel

3 No Escape/ Flat Back

4 Sardines/Curl

5 Tart

Ps. Looking to take advantage of the ORIGINAL method in person, where it all started!? Don’t forget! This year we’re headed to the beautiful Berkshire countryside! Missed out last time? Now’s your chance to meet and spend quality time with our Mentor Esther Fairfax and your favorite tLm girls! We can’t wait for round 2- join us as we retreat to the Berkshire countryside, and actually get to take the ORIGINAL class in the exact studio where we first discovered the LONDON method technique in 2015. {Excited yet?! We are!}

Save the Date: May 3-9, 2020, $3750 Total (down payment is only $500!)

We have another amazing retreat planned for you all and can’t wait to experience it with you! Here’s a glimpse of what we have in store {with more to come as the date nears!}:

  • Travel to the English Countryside & tour the Berkshire Region & stay in the charming town of Hungerford where the Original Lotte Berk Technique was found. 
  • Start the Trip off with a Champange Toast & Sunday Roast with Esther Fairfax 
  • Tour HighClere Castle with all the Ladies of theLONDONMethod
  • A Punting adventure in the unforgettable city of Oxford, just a quick jaunt away from Hungerford. 
  • Walk to Shops, Take Private Tours, & Eat at all the best Spots this region  of Countryside has to offer. 
  • Spend a Day at one of the Best Spa’s in the Countryside 
  • Gin Tastings, Canal Boatrides
  • Morning Classes in the Esther Fairfax Studio just walking distance from our hotel…. and so much more!


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