{Let’s BLOOM together this Summer!}

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Blog, Upcoming Events

What an incredible time we are living through. From being at home under isolation for an extended period to being broken wide open and seeing things the way they ‘actually’ are (on the regular) for SO many POC. The collective ache we are feeling has been a wake-up call and will doubt continue to be a powerful reminder (AS IT SHOULD BE!) that we cannot close our eyes, that we must not go back to sleep. This, for good reason, has been a deeply defining, heartbreaking, hard to watch, mind, and soul opening experience. As singer, songwriter, and civil-rights activist Sam Cook so beautifully put it, “It’s been a long time coming, but change is gonna come.”

With TRUTH + Change + Growth in mind, Shawn Maire Turi & Kelly Wackerman (founder of the London Method) have created an 8-week virtual workshop called BLOOM!

Under the best circumstances, it takes perseverance and courage, love and openness, not to abandon the work of growth and change, of recovery and healing, of taking an honest, filter-free look at ourselves and ask… “What seeds have I been planting? What’s growing in my life, work, relationships, opinions, unconsciousness? What’s beneath the surface? What’s actually working? not working? How do I feel most of the time? Am I happy? Am I present? Am I truly awake? Am I really living?”

What inside you, is just waiting to be called out? Is waiting to BLOOM!

That is the question we are starting with for this 8-week virtual workshop. What seeds to you want to plant? What do you want to grow?

You can attend all 8-weeks or you just pop-in when you can. BLOOM! is designed to help you tend to and nurture and bring to life what’s ready to blossom and grow, whether you’re there for one or all of them.

The series launches Thursday, July 2nd and runs through August 20th. We gather from 11am – 1pm, every Thursday on ZOOM. Get all the details and RSVP by clicking the BLOOM! link below.

We are preparing to go deep into the soil, to plant new seeds, to unearth TRUTHS about ourselves, to create, to imagine, to be present, to be better, to do better, to BLOOM! and YOU… are invited.

We hope to see you there. Join us! Let’s BLOOM! together

www.letsBLOOMworkshop.com (It’s an online, 8 week ZOOM Workshop that starts July 2nd). 

Blog by Shawn Marie Turi: Founder of Shawn Marie Turi, Inc + {we} FLAUNT

Joined by: Kelly Wackerman: Creator + Founder + Co-Partner of The London Method

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