Everything You Need to Know About theLONDONmethod.

What makes theLONDONmethod different?

We teach the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Class. The Results the work gives you is what makes us different. In just weeks you will feel and see your waist begin to pull in, your hips will narrow, the back sides of your legs will smooth as your backside lifts and rounds, your thigh muscles will take a longer, leaner shape & your core will strengthen all through the front, sides, and back.

Where do I begin? What's the BEST way to get started?

It depends.  Are you someone who likes to be on your own schedule? A self learner? Good with disciplining yourself? Then start with our On Demand program.  If you are more of a person who likes an actual teacher instructing you, need a time and a place to commit to in order to get your workout in, then sign up for our LIVE class option.

What results can I expect to find?

Typical results across the board no matter what shape or size you start at are these. Your waist begins to pull in, the sides of your body as well as the backside of your legs begin to smooth out, your thigh muscles take a leaner, smoother, and leaner shape, and the best part is how you will begin to feel. Like most of our clients report you will begin to feel like a “well oiled machine!”

What exactly is waist whittling? How does it benefit me?

Waist whittling is a move that is one of the key components of the core work at tLm.  Lotte Berk believed that our middle was like a corset and if you properly pulled it in on all sides it would start to work like one. WW is when you rotate your abdominal muscles in a cylindrical motion laterally around the spine.  They are one of the key elements for the waist pulling in effect you receive from this workout.

What equipment will I need for classes?

Nothing really!  A chair, counter top or sturdy surface, yourself and a comfortable place on the floor (either on a plush carpet or thick mat).

What if I have to cancel my class?

You must cancel ANY scheduled class online at least 6 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 6 hours in advance, you’ll be charged a late fee of $5. If you don’t cancel and don’t show up, you’ll be charged a no-show fee of $10. Although we don’t enjoy charging these fees we can’t offer any exceptions.

Note: Out of respect to fellow members, please limit cancellations and only sign in to classes you plan on being a part of. Due to the intentional small class size, last minute cancellations could mean the entire class gets cancelled.

What Should I wear?

Think yoga or Pilates clothing such as leggings and a comfy shirt and don’t forget to bring socks!

How long are classes?

The “Original” and “Original+” classes are 60 minutes. Both the “Quickie” and “Abs, Arms and Stretch” classes are 45 minutes.

When would a regularly scheduled class be canceled?

We try very hard to not cancel class, but if no one is signed in 2 hours before, we have to. So, please make sure to sign in to the class you want to attend ASAP to ensure a spot is available and a teacher is there.

Can I freeze my membership instead of cancel?

We offer one “freeze” per year for all autopay members however it must be for two weeks or more.

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