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We’re One-of-a-Kind

No matter your age, shape, or size, Lotte Berk’s original method is proven to lengthen, tone and give you the lean physique you’ve always wanted. No previous barre experience? Don’t worry! Our hands-on classes are designed to get you up to speed in no time.

Best of all, we’re the very FIRST U.S. studio to teach the modern ballet and yoga-based moves the same way Lotte did 50 years ago, so our classes are truly unique.

Note: When it comes to what to wear, think barre, yoga, or Pilates-type clothing. Socks are required but if you forget, we sell them at the studio.

{the tLm classes}

Using the barre as leverage and support, you’ll learn to tap into those deep “hard to reach” places throughout your entire body including important core-stabilizing muscles. Derived from modern ballet, physical therapy and yoga, Lotte Berk’s original method involves simple moves that will lengthen, tone and shape your body like no other practice you’ve done before.

{a better “you”}

Students who never thought they’d sport a dancer-like figure are amazed to see their bodies transform one shake at a time. But it’s not just physical. Their confidence skyrockets as does their overall health. We’ve loved watching our tLm ladies become the best versions of themselves as we cheer them on along the way.

{class offerings}

We offer 4 awesome, one-of-a-kind classes designed for ALL levels, so you can mix it up!

Note: We recommend that you take one Original Class before taking any of our other classes, it’s always good to start with the basics!

The Original (60 minutes)

Change your body using the moves taught to us by Ester Fairfax, Lotte Berk’s daughter, in their original, unaltered form. Designed to pull-in your waist and whip those hips, butt, and thighs into shape, watch your entire frame change.

The Original + (60 minutes)

It’s the Lotte Berk Original class you love PLUS props! This class adds rotating balls, bands and sliders into the mix to help keep your body on its tippy toes.

The Ballet (60 minutes)

Learn how to balance strength and flexibility while building a lean ballet body. Set to upbeat “YASSSSS!” music, this class teaches you traditional ballet sequence moves at the barre in a fun way.

The Quickie (45 minutes)

Kick up your cardio a notch to get a great workout in even less time. This shortened class was created for when you can’t squeeze in a one-hour workout but still want results.


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{what makes us different?}

England-born, U.S.-bound

While it’s true the German ballerina, Lotte Berk, was the creator of the barre technique, it didn’t travel from London to the U.S. in its original form. Free weights were added, the ORIGINAL exercises were altered, even the muscles targeted were slightly changed over time. thereby altering her practice. Today, theLONDONmethod is THE place where you can find the original Lotte Berk class, in its true form, right here in the U.S.

And from the moment you walk in the studio you’ll see why that makes such a difference. The barre is closer to the wall for better control and deeper stretches. The movements are unique and unlike anything you’ve seen before. The class sizes are small with students ranging in age, shape and fitness level, all burning, smiling and succeeding using Lotte’s signature movements designed to transform their bodies literally from the core.

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