{Spring ’23}


Joining us is Ellie Mann (Lotte Berk trained), Angela Karner (The Good Barre) & Erika Peterson of (Ghost Baby Fitness) to talk about a different topic each day.

First, we kick it off with everything you need to know about “the Tilt”, then we dive into how to incorporate props into your Barre routine, & then we finish off the weekend with our favorite addition to the ORIGINAL work, Musicality!

11:00 am – 1 pm (each day)
LIVE on Zoom 


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“the TILT” w/ Ellie & Kelly 

Learn all about pelvic tilt with Ellie Mann & Kelly Wackerman. Ellie was trained by Lotte Berk & has been teaching her method in London ever since. Kelly was trained by Lotte’s daughter, Esther Fairfax & started theLONDONmethod in honor of what she learned. 

 Together they are taking you back to when Barre began and sharing with you how “the Tilt” was created by Lotte Berk. You will learn why it’s been the most misunderstood move in Barre. They are sharing WHEN & HOW it is used in theORIGINALclass & we believe you will be surprised by what you find out! 

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Sat April 1st
11am – 1 pm
“Incorporating Props into your Repertoire” w/ Angela 

On this day we will spend our time with the Barre genius Angela Karner as she shares with us how to incorporate props into her Barre workout routines. Angela was 1st trained by theLONDONmethod, but has since received over 8 certifications in Barre, Pre & Post Natal, CPT, Strength Training & more. 

 We cannot wait for you to learn what Angela has in store for YOU! If you love learning about the mind behind some of the most creative moves out there today then YOU will love this day! 

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 Sun April 2nd
“How to Move to Music” w/ Erika” 

Erika first came to us with a desire to learn all she could about the ORIGINAL work of Lotte Berk, but we soon found out she was a legend herself when it came to coordinating the moves she loved to music. She’s been making themed Playlists for tLm ever since & we cannot wait for her to share with you the method to her madness! 

Her classes are fun, energetic & on this day she is going to let you in on her strategy for how she is able to make her moves & her music work together as one. If musicality has ever challenged you or if you just want more FUN in your daily routine this MasterClass is for YOU!

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