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Start Your Transformation Today!

Get ready to transform your body into a lean, mean (not really… we’re all nice), feminine machine and strengthen your core in a way you never have before.

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We offer 4 awesome, one-of-a-kind classes designed for ALL levels, so you can mix it up!

Note: We recommend that you take one Original Class before taking any of our other classes, it’s always good to start with the basics!

The Original (60 minutes)

Change your body using the moves taught to us by Ester Fairfax, Lotte Berk’s daughter, in their original, unaltered form. Designed to pull-in your waist and whip those hips, butt, and thighs into shape, watch your entire frame change.

The Original + (60 minutes)

It’s the Lotte Berk Original class you love PLUS props! This class adds rotating balls, bands and sliders into the mix to help keep your body on its tippy toes.

The Ballerina (60 minutes)

Learn how to balance strength and flexibility while building a lean ballet body. Set to upbeat “YASSSSS!” music, this class teaches you traditional ballet sequence moves at the barre in a fun way.

The Quickie (45 minutes)

Kick up your cardio a notch to get a great workout in even less time. This shortened class was created for when you can’t squeeze in a one-hour workout but still want results.


Get the Shape You’ve Always Wanted!

{tLm tourist – “intro” offer}

Total Classes: UNLIMITED
Two Weeks: $50

Get a feel for theLONDONmethod with this sweet introductory package.

{busy girl}

4 Classes Per Month
Monthly Fee: $75 (Autopay Only)

Not a lot of time? We got you. Just enough classes to get in a workout once a week.

{hello sailor}

2 Classes / Week (8 Classes / Month)
Monthly Fee: $125 (Autopay Only)

Twice is nice! Your body and booty will thank you.

{muffin no more} *most popular

3 Classes / Week (12 Classes / Month)
Monthly Fee: $150 (Autopay Only)

theLONDONmethods most popular package. More practice = quicker results.

{LIVE, online intro week}

UNLIMITED access to all LIVE, Online Classes

No restrictions! Access LIVE classes online from anywhere!

One week: $25 (Introductory Offer)

Try one week + you’ll fall in love with this method + our fab, fit community!!

{get it girl}

Weekly Classes: UNLIMITED
Per Month: $175 (Autopay Only)

This is a sure-fire way to see BIG results and maintain them throughout the year.

{autopay monthly plans}

We make autopay easy. You’re billed the day you sign up, and every 30 days thereafter, until you cancel your plan. No sign-up or cancellation fees.

We simply ask that you notify us within 15 days of your next billing cycle, so that we can stop your automated payment.

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