{Why we are LOVING and adding more 10-15 Min Workouts to our program!}

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Blog

We love adding 10-15 Minute workouts to our regular weekly routines! Have you had experience with our quick fix videos in our tLm tv program yet? We have found that adding these videos to your regular hourly classes can add strength to the areas you feel need a little extra push.  Feeling your Thighs burn more than you like in your regular ORGIINAL classes or when you are out on that weekend hike? Add a couple 10-15 minute sessions on the THIGH and see how you feel at the end of the month.  Do your THIGHS feel stronger? Are you able to last longer on that same hike without taking a break?  What about your CORE? Are you feeling like you can’t make it through the whole set of Sardines without stopping? Add a few  extra 10-15 minute CORE sessions to your weekly routine and then pay attention to how different you feel in your classes next month.  WE are confident you will be feeling even stronger with these simple additions in no time. 

We are so excited to have you try these out in our LIVE platform and take advantage of this scientifically proven way to gain strength.  Women’s Health Magazine confirms these findings that we have found and love-  which is why we now have many ways to offer you these quick fix workouts in both our On Demand and now our LIVE classes! With many different workouts set to music on the ARMS, the BUM, the CORE, and the THIGHS, WE can’t wait for you to try them! 

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