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When Leslie first started taking classes at The London Method, the idea of small, controlled exercise movements seemed a bit odd at first. But shortly thereafter, she began to see results that have reshaped and defined her body in a way that no other class has done before.

“The whole notion is that you need to do the exercises correctly, and when done right, you really see the results!” said Leslie. “Your body finds its shape.”

tlm leslie turpin before and after

Now down 30-plus lbs., and 3 dress sizes, friends and family often ask Leslie what she’s been doing to get these kinds of results. “It’s simple,” she says. “I do The London Method a few times a week, cardio once a week, and eat better. I don’t diet. I just eat better food for me.

“I’ve seen more results with theLONDONmethod than getting on the treadmill for 2 hours.”

Bettering ourselves, and helping to better each other.

While results may be the motivator for signing up for any exercise routine, it’s the unique camaraderie and physical results that students find at The London Method that keeps them coming back week after week. As Leslie put it, “It’s a sisterhood.

“This is a place where women support other women,” she said. “That’s what you’ll find here. Everyone wants you to succeed.”

Unlike large group classes where it’s easy to get lost in the masses, each tLm class is taught in small groups—no more than 10 women to a class—so it’s the 1:1 instruction and correction that helps students get the most out of each exercise movement. It also helps students connect with one another, encouraging each other along their fitness journeys, and celebrating one another’s triumphs.

“There’s no shortage of encouragement here,” said Leslie. “It’s not a competitive or exclusionary environment.

“I never dread going to class. You’re actually excited to go to class, and disappointed if you have to miss a class.”

As Leslie so eloquently put it: you can diet to lose weight, but for her and several others, there’s also the happiness factor that plays into overall wellbeing. When you’re happy with your fitness experience, when you’re motivated to continue the hard work, and when you feel comfortable around other students and the instructors, results are sure to follow.

On behalf of the entire tLm Family, we couldn’t be happier for Leslie. We wish her only the best—both inside and outside of the studio!

• Lost 2 inches all over body in the first month
• Down 3 dress sizes
• Lost 7-9 inches off hips
• Lost 30+ lbs.

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{authentic. powerful. feminine.}

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