{the return to Berk}

by | May 26, 2016 | Blog, Esther Fairfax, Kelly, TheLONDONmethod

It’s been exactly one month since I returned from my second round of training with Esther Fairfax in England. What an experience it was, AND what an incredible woman SHE is! I truly wish everyone could know her. Not only is she the ONLY one who holds the secrets of the TRUE Lotte Berk Technique, but she is so wise and her outlook on life is extraordinary. She wrote a fabulous book that we are now selling on the LONDON method website called My Improper Mother and ME. Here, you can read about Esther and Lotte’s very unique mother/daughter relationship, as well as what made Esther devote her life to teaching her mother’s work. I feel honored to be the recipient of Esther’s teachings. I felt that this time around I truly learned what sets the TRUE Lotte Berk technique apart from all other ‘barre’ classes out there. Lotte was a ballet dancer at heart; she was not a ‘fitness instructor’. Lotte worked with an orthopedic surgeon, named Dr. Apple, when developing her technique so many years ago. The attention to the spine is undeniable. When you leave a class taught by Esther Fairfax, you actually feel longer, taller, and more open (in more ways than one!!;). Many of our clients’ chiropractors have been asking for our cards! They are not only feeling better in their own skin, but their doctors are noticing a difference in their spines as well! Classes are tough; sometimes when you start you may not be able to do all the moves, but keep coming back. You will improve. And as you condition your muscles to get longer and stronger, you will notice that things that seemed impossible when you started are now doable! That day may come sooner for some than others, and once you are able to actually do the very difficult moves you will find a way to do them better, to keep pulling from a deeper place, and you will continue to improve each time you come to class. I watched the women in England perform the Lotte Berk Technique with such grace and beauty. So much so, that last year when I was there, I described it as not just a workout, but a ‘Work of Art.’ That has become our motto, our slogan at the LONDON method because that truly is what it is—a work of art. You will begin to bend and stretch your legs with such ease, you will start to feel the backside of your legs stretch and smooth out. The abdominal work is intense. You do what you can, and soon you will feel your core begin to pull in from the front side and wrap around to the backside of your waist. Nothing is missed in this class. Lotte found a way to find muscles you truly didn’t know you had! You will start to feel the muscles of your torso (especially those in the backside of your waist) begin to do the job they were intended to do. It will act as a support system for your organs and your bones. I was only 37 when I flew to the countryside to find the fabulous Esther Fairfax, and even I had some aches and pains, a knee that bothered me and a bum shoulder. All that began to heal once I started practicing the TRUE Lotte Berk technique. The women in England all had stories like mine. Some were lucky enough to find Esther in their youth and have been devoted to her for 50+ years. Esther herself is a testament to the technique, studying and practicing her mother’s work since her 20’s. She has mastered it, and lucky for us in America we now have the LONDON Method to show us what the TRUE Lotte Berk technique is all about. Come feel your muscles get longer, leaner, and watch your shape change. No waist trainer needed when you have this waist whittling technique! Anyone can shape their body. This is what I have learned from Esther. Anyone can start practicing these moves, and EVERYONE no matter what level you are can finally have the shape they have always wanted!!!

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