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by | Apr 11, 2016 | Blog, Esther Fairfax, TheLONDONmethod

This was last April in England. I had completed my training with Esther Fairfax and my newest revelations and I were ready to show America (or at least Long Beach, CA) what I had learned. I measured myself before going to my training last year, and within a couple weeks I caught a glance of my backside in the mirror and felt like I had already seen a change in the back of my waist. Not believing anything could change that fast I went on with my day. Upon finishing my training I measured myself and found that it WAS true. My waist had pulled in an inch and a half after training in the TRUE Lotte Berk Technique. I knew the exercises were different from what I had seen in any barre class I had taken (or even taught) in America, but I didn’t know JUST how different they were. I was excited, but still skeptical that anything could happen that fast. Maybe it was just the food in England, you know it’s less processed, and so maybe it wasn’t JUST the exercises, so I came home and built a studio in my house and started inviting my clients to train in this unique technique that had been revealed to me. I had them all take the class 2x’s/Week and asked them NOT to change their diet at all. I measured them at the beginning of the 30 day period and then again at the end. It was almost like clockwork that every girl I measured lost 1.5 – 2 inches in either her waist or hips. Every Girl! How is this possible? I did it again, another month of girls and the same thing happened!! Girls started telling other girls, and soon I was teaching 22 classes a week and every class had a wait list. Not only was it effective, but it was fun. We were laughing and having a great time, just like when I was in Esther’s class in England. The LONDON method was officially born. London is where Lotte first experienced these results with the women of England and the rest of the world. There was a reason why girls were flying in from all over to train with her. Esther Fairfax was there all along watching it all happen and she has continued to stay true to her mother’s work. She has never deviated from her mother’s exercises, and her strength and vitality at 82 years young is a testament to this.

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“Living in London in the early sixties I used to go to Lotte Berk's classes somewhere near Baker Street. Once I was married, we moved out of London and abroad. All these years later, I was amazed to find Esther was teaching classes in her house close to where I live now.”

A Happy Client

“I have been practicing the Lotte Berk Technique with her daughter, Esther Fairfax, and at 75 I am very fit and healthy. Also great fun!”

Jan Germain

“After all the keep fit classes I have been doing there is nothing to beat the exercises that Esther teaches. We have great fun and at the same time she is a great teacher and I certainly feel better for it.”

Auriol Jackson

“Results in strength, shape and definition unlike any other exercise.”

Alice King

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