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by | Apr 19, 2016 | Blog, Bluff Park Studio, TheLONDONmethod

I have to say there’s nothing as exciting, overwhelming, scary and gratifying as opening a business. It’s been almost 3 months since The London Method Bluff Park studio opened its doors and Kelly and I haven’t stopped smiling since! I never imagined that walking into Kelly’s home studio 9 months ago would have changed my life… but things like that happen when your heart and mind are open!

As someone who loves to work out and has taught yoga for the last 4 years, I was surprised at the quick results and strength I was building at practicing tLm only 2 times per week. My waist was getting smaller and my legs looked amazing! But to let you in on a secret – why I love tLm and one of my driving forces behind opening this studio was not only the physical results, it was the sense of community, friendship and fun I felt in the classes. The smiles, laughter and warmth are what drew me deeper into wanting to be more than just a student. I wanted to share this with other women.

So here we are in Long Beach California, with the flagship tLm studio that has its own little heartbeat. Each time I walk into the studio I feel it’s energy and I know that our clients do to… that’s why they keep coming back. So as we wait patiently for Kelly’s return from London and all the great stories she’ll have to tell…I also plan on having some juicy tidbits for her – because I believe we are making history here ladies 🙂

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