{summer queen 2018 / meet melissa!}

by | Nov 25, 2018 | Blog, tLm Queens

Our Summer Queen 2018 came to our studio because she was unable to motivate herself to exercise until she met Co-Owner Kelly Wackerman at a friend’s wedding and started following tLm on Instagram. Inspired by the women and their stories she decided to come in and give tLm a try. In her first month she fell in love with the workout, the studio and all the women she met there. She committed to 3 times a week and within months began to see her body tone, lengthen and shape like she had never seen it before. She travels for work, but when she is in town, she remains consistent and is able to maintain her new tLm body and new found confidence by getting to the studio as much as possible.

Hear her amazing story watch the video below!

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