{spring has sprung at tlm}

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Blog, Pamela

Back in New York the first sign of Spring was the crocuses. Sometimes there would still be snow on the ground and a little purple flower would be peeking its head out. That small flower signified so much! It was time to come out of our shell, shake off the sleepiness of winter and start fresh! Spring is a time of renewal, growth and birth. The sun shines a little brighter and we get a pep in our step! We are ripe with ideas and ready to bloom! Inspired by the warmth today I thought I would touch on all the new beginnings that are taking place at and around TLM!

It seems only fitting that three of our fabulous teachers are pregnant and numerous clients are expecting this season… It may be something in the water but don’t quote me on that! What I truly think it is, is that TLM draws these women in with our gentle and effective technique making everyone feel safe and comfortable. Not only is The LONDON Method nurturing these expectant mothers, we are nurturing many other births. Through the support and love of our little studio that could, we are watching women talk about their desires and dreams and then seeing them come to fruition!

One such dream that recently blossomed at TLM was the women owned business Seoul Kitten Glow, the brain child of Leslie Turpin (former TLM queen) and business partner Nicole Freese who met at The LONDON method. What started as a fascination and love with Korean skincare turned into a good for the body and SEOUL business! The face mask craze that has taken over the studio was started by Leslie! Knowing both women personally there is no doubt they are going to kill it in their new venture.This is the kind of thing we LOVE

We are always looking for ways to grow and support others at TLM, so on May 4th Kelly will be hosting a Spring Boutique at her home. All women owned local businesses will showcase their goodies! From clothing and jewelry to home goods and skincare! Just in time for Mothers Day. There is nothing better than joining forces and co creating with other ladies! I’m sure I will see you there… plus, Kelly throws a good party so you can come just for the champagne and good conversation if you want!

To be honest my favorite aspect of our studio is getting to know all these amazing women. All different backgrounds, all different walks of life. We have such brilliant, loving and dedicated ladies around, it’s hard not to be inspired. It is a place of growth – whether it be friendships, new ideas, or partnerships! A place where the body and spirit are transformed. A place where laughter and conversation are encouraged! And I can promise, you will always leave feeling better than when you walked in the door!

So, CHEERS to you to spring and the birthing of endless possibilities!!!

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