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{summer queen 2018 / meet melissa!}

Our Summer Queen 2018 came to our studio because she was unable to motivate herself to exercise until she met Co-Owner Kelly Wackerman at a friend’s wedding and started following tLm on Instagram. Inspired by the women and their stories she decided to come in and give tLm a try.

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{spring has sprung at tlm}

Back in New York the first sign of Spring was the crocuses. Sometimes there would still be snow on the ground and a little purple flower would be peeking its head out. That small flower signified so much! It was time to come out of our shell, shake off the sleepiness of winter and start fresh! Spring is a time of renewal, growth and birth.

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{barre vs. berk}

As we head into 2017, I wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between Barre fitness classes (as we know them) and the TRUE Lotte Berk technique that I discovered just a couple of years ago deep in the countryside of ENGLAND.

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