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Climbing the Ladder in Heels with Karen Otis / Podcast / Part 1

Kelly talks about what made her decide to take the leap into entrepreneurship, what theLONDONmethod means to her, and how she hopes to inspire others along the way.

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Climbing the Ladder in Heels with Karen Otis / Podcast / Part 2
Kelly and Pam share how theLONDONmethod partnership began, how they make it work, and discuss their BIG plans for the future of the brand!

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Barre Variations / Podcast / 3/15/2019
The tLm Ladies chat about the ORIGINAL class they teach at theLONDONmethod, why they decided training others was the right move for them and share their vision for tLm’s future.

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{authentic. powerful. feminine.}

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“make it personal… let the energy circulate through your muscles, your heart, and your soul... don’t just do it, feel it!”
- Esther Fairfax

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