{it’s time to “find your fanny”}

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Blog, Kelly, TheLONDONmethod

When you hear the word “fanny,” what do you think of? In America we have been taught that fanny is our bum, behind, booty, backside—our butt. But in the UK, and England—home of Lotte Berk—your “fanny” is something completely different! There, they use this word to refer to your frontside; and if you look up the definition, it refers to a very specific part of the front of the pelvis.

While I was taking classes with Esther Fairfax in England, the fanny is an area she refers to quite often. And learning to target, control and move the fanny is likely why students build some serious core strength during her classes. “Watch your fanny!” she’ll shout, as us students are deep into the core strengthening section of class. “Don’t let it move!” she’ll say, as you bring your hands behind your head and try to “tick, tick, tick” your head over your chest as fast as you can. You are barely moving, but I can tell you that your abdominals are burning like never before. Click here to view the video!

Being able to accomplish this movement takes some serious core strength and pelvic stabilization. This was something I always knew about and practiced as a Pilates teacher, but mastering it the way Esther has with some of her clients of 40+ years is in a league of its own. It’s funny that we have always done things a little bit different here in America, just like we have always thought our “fanny” was our backside… that is until now!!! Come to class to see what I am talking about and you will soon learn how this technique can lengthen, lean, and pull in your mid section like nothing I have ever seen!!!!

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