{barre vs. berk}

{barre vs. berk}

As we head into 2017, I wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between Barre fitness classes (as we know them) and the TRUE Lotte Berk technique that I discovered just a couple of years ago deep in the countryside of ENGLAND. I taught Barre for many...
{student spotlight / Leslie Turpin}

{student spotlight / Leslie Turpin}

{blog} When Leslie first started taking classes at The London Method, the idea of small, controlled exercise movements seemed a bit odd at first. But shortly thereafter, she began to see results that have reshaped and defined her body in a way that no other class has...
{the return to Berk}

{the return to Berk}

{blog} It’s been exactly one month since I returned from my second round of training with Esther Fairfax in England. What an experience it was, AND what an incredible woman SHE is! I truly wish everyone could know her. Not only is she the ONLY one who holds the...

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“make it personal… let the energy circulate through your muscles, your heart, and your soul... don’t just do it, feel it!”
- Esther Fairfax

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